How to Create a DIY Project for $10

Constructing a do it yourself project is easier than you think! These five easy projects will not break your college budget bank and they are as easy as 1…2…3. Most of these items you have at home or you can buy for under 10 dollars.

1. Paint Stick Mirror

What you’ll need:

• Paint stirring sticks • Paint • Small circular mirror

A super cheap project that it very easy to create is a paint stick mirror. All that is necessary to buy is a mirror and paint if you do not have either of those items. However, most people have paint somewhere around their house and a mirror can be bought at the dollar store. To start this craft the stirring sticks need to be painted. Then, once dry cut the sticks to whatever size you want them so that it makes a cool sunburst design. And then all you have to do is glue the painted paint sticks to the edge of the mirror. Many other paint stick project ideas can be found here.

2. String Word Art

What you’ll need:

• Piece of wood • Hammer and nails • Colorful String

String art is also super cheap and easy. All you have to do is buy a piece of wood, scour a junk yard, or visit the bargain bucket at local home improvement store to find a piece of wood that has character. Once you decide on your wood piece, hammer nails into the shape of letters to form a word focusing on the points that shape the letter. Finally, wrap colorful string around it to make the letters stand out. This can become a dominant statement piece in a home. A more in-depth look at string art can be found here.

3. Chalkboard Message Board

What you’ll need:

• Frame with stand • Adhesive Chalkboard sheets • Colorful Chalk
All you have to do for this one is find a frame that matches your room décor and apply a chalkboard sheet to it, how much easier does it get! Take the glass out of the frame and cut the adhesive chalkboard to the exact size of the glass and adhere the sheet onto the glass. Place the glass back in the frame and your done! You can use it for a grocery list or just a place to leave nice notes. Now you have a fun message board to put in the kitchen for all of the roommies to use.

4. Statement Letters

What you’ll need:

• Cardboard or wood letter • Twine or yarn • Glue Scissors
In order to do this project you have to buy block letters or numbers that you wish to wrap in either twine or yarn. Once you have decided on the letter(s) you want to use, such as a first initial or maybe even your apartment number, you just wrap the twine around the shape occasionally gluing every once in a while. Let dry and you have personalized decoration for your living space.
More fun uses for twine can be found here.

5. Floor Length Mirror

What you’ll need:

• Cheap floor length mirror • Paint • Stickers • Velcro adhesive

You can easily make a generic mirror your own by painting it to match your décor. Just tape over the mirror and paint the edge, and then when it is dry you can add flowers or letter stickers to personalize it even more! To hang the mirror on the back of a door you can just use Velcro adhesive in case you cannot use nails such as in a dorm space.



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