Decorating an Unfurnished Apartment

There are many challenges when attempting to decorate, but one that stands alone above the rest is buying furniture. Here are three easy steps to follow when figuring out how to find decorating essentials for an unfinished apartment.


1. Pick a color scheme that you really like. This should be a mix of colors that you will not be sick of within the first few months of decorating. Make sure you know what type of materials you will be working with in your apartment when you move in. Brittani Gomez, an Arizona State University student who lives at Roosevelt Point, said that she likes the structure of the “industrial apartment living.” At Roosevelt Point in downtown Phoenix the apartments have concrete floors and have a very modern look to them.  Ashley Scott, a Community Manager at Roosevelt Point said, “We have 609 bed spaces at Roosevelt Point and out of those 215 are furnished.” Gomez lives in a unfurnished apartment that she brightened with her own furniture. Her current color scheme is dark wood with pops of red and florals. She advised to go for a more basic color scheme and work up from there.

2. Go find sales! At stores like Ross, Cost Plus, and TJ Maxx a costumer can find statement furniture pieces that are unique. One of Gomez’s favorite stores to shop for décor is Ikea because “it is made for small spaces, it is cheap, and convenient.” Shopping is fun, most of the time, and finding a sale for expensive piece of furniture that you need for your apartment can make your day. But according to Gomez, decorating really is “a trial and error process.” One final piece of advice for new apartment dwellers when buying furniture is to “make sure you keep your receipts,” Gomez said.

3. Design the space yourself and make things yourself to make an apartment a home. Be creative! There are many do it yourself projects that can be done inexpensively that will shine a new light on your surroundings. Bring things from home to make the transition smoother. Gomez said that floral patterns remind her of being home and that those small touches of floral that she has throughout her apartment make her feel comfortable. Her paintings, which she has hung around her apartment she did herself, and are mostly floral patterns.

One final note to leave you with is to have a vision of what you want something to look like and it will happen. Have a creative vision when moving in somewhere and make sure that you keep that flow throughout the process of decorating. This vision can also apply to the smallest DIY project and your unfurnished apartment will feel instantly homier. And always remember that if you can do it yourself, why not.


Gomez’s living room color scheme


Gomez’s kitchen color scheme


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