How to Incorporate DIY Projects into Your Living Space

Some people may think that it is difficult to integrate a do it yourself project into a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen, but you can easily do this especially if you are in a dorm or apartment. When you move into a dorm or apartment usually you do not have that many decorations or even a very clear color scheme. This makes it painless to display your DIY endeavors. These decorations can make your space personal and can be included in everyone’s home.

A sophomore at Arizona State University Morgan Kelley uses her DIY projects to decorate her walls in her bedroom. Kelley says that it is cheaper to DIY and it makes her room unique because no one else has anything like it. She used boxes from packages sent to her in the mail to decorate her wall! How inventive is that? She said that she “spray painted the boxes black” and used her decorative knack to paint them with glitter glue and silver paint. However, she cautions to always check out glue before you start painting, “the silver paint was like peanut butter and did not paint very well.”


Homemade projects add plenty of charm and character to any room and in college especially it makes you stand out as an individual. Emily Herring also a sophomore at Arizona State University used her decorative flair to create a homemade jewelry holder. Herring said that she created this out necessity, “I could not find any cute jewelry holders at the time, and so I decided to make one myself.” Herring gets many compliments on her ingenuity and she is proud to say that she made it herself.


There is a point of pride in being able to have people over to your home and having people like something that you created. You do not have to be a professional artist or a carpenter to be creative, so get crafty. And always remember that if you can do it yourself, why not.


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