Home Decor: Do Guys Even Care?

When trying to figure out how to decorate an apartment it is easy to find girly ideas, however finding tips to decorate a man’s apartment are hard to find!

Here are some tips to decorate a guy’s space:

  • Use posters: for example sports posters, movie posters, or posters of magazine covers
  • Use solid colors for bedding or decorations in general. Women usually go towards colorful patterns but guys should go for a more simple look in darker colors with a simple pattern like stripes or no pattern.
  • Use art, art, art!
  •  Use lighting to your advantage. Use funky lighting to personalize a space, feel free to change the lighting up.
  • Organization is key! Use storage bins to hide all of your stuff in a small apartment or dorm.
  • Display the things that you enjoy. This means that if you are into music display your guitar, or if you have a really great hat collection than put those on display. These pieces will display your personality and they are free decorations.

As Matthew Zukaitis, a sophomore at Arizona State University said, “I use my longboards to decorate my room in a masculine way. They show my personality and they make my room stand out from others.”

Men usually change things more than women do, men are more comfortable with rearranging furniture and changing the lighting or installing their own lights. They are also more likely to bring in other heavy furniture to make their rooms more comfortable. They like to rearrange furniture. The more functional and practical a space is, the better suited it is to a guy. Make sure you have pieces that are of high quality, comfortable, and express your personality.  And if all else fails ask your mom, sisters, or girlfriend to help you decorate your space, according to Cole Martin a junior at Arizona State University. “I know that my girlfriend really knew how to dress up my space at Vista,” says Martin.

Decorating a man’s space can be hard but in the end just make sure that it makes you comfortable.

IMG_1469                           IMG_1471


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