Last Minute Fall Decorations


Basket full of pinecones!


Thanksgiving is the last whisper of fall in the United States. Many states are already in the full swing of winter, but here in Arizona it is still 60 degrees. Here is an easy and cheap way to create a homemade, one-of-a-kind decoration for your home that will catch everyone’s eye.




Spray painting the basket white.


First things first, find the perfect basket to display your pinecones in. I went to Goodwill and found a plain brown colored basket for one dollar! It was only $1!!!!! So that was amazing and then I came home and spray painted it white. You can paint it whatever color you want. I went with with because I thought it would contrast well with the pinecones.




Making the pinecones sparkle.


I then collected pinecones of various shapes and sizes that were bug and sap free. This is very important you do not want any bugs crawling out in your house. Then I sprayed the pinecones with an adhesive and sprinkled glitter on them. The pinecones need to be coated in the adhesive in order to make the glitter really stick. Once one side was done, I flipped them over and sprayed and glittered the other side.




Wrap the handles with ribbon.


Next, I waited for the pinecones to dry thoroughly, I shook the extra sparkles off, and put them in the basket. Make sure to do all of this outside because the sparkles get everywhere and the adhesive smells really bad. Then, I wrapped some festive fall ribbon around the handles to add an extra splash of color.




I really liked the outcome of this project. It was super easy and extremely cheap. I already had the spray adhesive and the pinecones were free, so the only things that I need to buy were, ribbon, spray paint, and glitter. These were all really cheap and can be used again for other projects. Also this project is really versatile, the handles can be wrapped in other holiday ribbon for the Christmas season, and the basket can even be painted a different color. And always remember that if you can do it yourself, why not.   


Collecting pinecones



The finished product.


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