Living in the concrete jungle can be hard…

Decorating can be difficult and costly. A solution to your money problems, do it yourself. An urban space can be hard to deck out at a bargain. An apartment can be a comfy and cozy home, or home away from home, without being expensive.

My name is Kaylen Waters and I am in my second year of college at Arizona State University. I have lived in the valley my whole life, but I have never been on my own before. I am a frugal gal and I love to decorate, but as a college student I have limited means to do so. I have been influenced by my family and friends my whole life about how I should decorate. And recently I have come to realize that my roommates also expect the best decorating tips and trips from me. Being involved in apartment living means that I have to be able to afford to decorate. Some of the ways that I do this are by creating things myself, finding the best stores to shop at, and getting products for the best prices. And I am sharing all of this information with you!

This is a do it yourself blog where college students give first hand testimony about decorating on a budget. This blog includes thrifty and nifty ideas about where to shop and how to get good deals. On Devil DIY I will share links, updates, news, interviews, and anything about decorating diy style.



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